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TV headphone amplifier and stand


Single Volume Control Type HD1


Dual Volume control Type HD 2


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Rabbittwo, TV headphone amplifier and stand

allows two people to have individual volume controls to be mounted between the couple Type HD 9



Now available in a wireless solution, contact us for more details !

We repair relationships

Our story - Maybe you recognise your situation.

Paul has hearing challenges

With wife Melanie - TV watching became a problem... the exchange of unpleasant dialogue became unacceptable... Melanie, Pauls wife does not enjoy loud TV as she hears perfectly.

The relationship became tense - all because they had different hearing needs. To hear properly Paul needed loud full, sound. For Melanie, the sound was unbearably loud and uncomfortable.

Today, Paul and Melanie watch TV together, both comfortable - with sound delivered to their individual personal volume....which THEY control individually.

Designed and built by communication engineers in the aviation and military communication industry. rabbitone was built to meet the needs of people who are hard of hearing - in either or both ears.

The sound is STUDIO QUALITY - voice and music is clear - superior sound to product bought at a commercial hi-fi store.

Headphones choice

rabbitone comes with a set of one of the best studio quality headphones in the world. The result - a simple, yet high quality headphone, TV studio quality audio system that works, it works very well.

Why not show off the unit as  beautifully crafted assembly, in a way, that we can show it off as "furniture"?


Repaired relationship

Melanie and Paul now live - "happlily ever after" they watch TV together - enjoying TV moments with spontaneous laughter with a 'soapie', a good chatter at half time - followed by a meal or nightcap.

With the introduction of a rabbitone amplifier, the relationship has repaired..Both Paul and Melanie now enjoy TV and audio sound at their own levels - and they are still friends.

The rabbitone is a perfect solution to fix the stress in a relationship caused by 'loud sound'.

Share our experiences with a rabbitone sound system headphone amplifier. You'll find life returns to normal !!!


What is a rabbitone TV headphone amplifier ?

A rabbitone TV headphone amplifier has been designed to help people who are hard of hearing  - allowing them to enjoy and watch TV, SKY, NETFLIX and YouTube video at their OWN sound volume level.

Users will fully appreciate the highest quality listening experience at a very economical price.

Using 'studio' quality headphones a rabbitone product is designed to integrate into your living space in a variety of designs to suit the users home taste.

The rabbitone headphone amplifier is available as standard with a single volume control to give equal balance to both ears.

A special unit 'built on request' is made allowing a individual volume control for each ear. This is not a balance control but allowing individual volume setting for people with hearing challenges in one ear. The amplifiers are battery powered that last over 40 hrs. They take 8 x AA batteries supplied with the product. A mains power unit is available. The rabbitone uses a 12 Volt DC supply with a standard DC plug.

The rabbitone may also be used for people without hearing challenges as they are ideal for movie viewing, providing a very pleasant experience. Ideal for usage in bed for late night movies.

And of course, the rabbitone may connect to a mobile phone, it amplifies the audio levels and will operate as a normal phone by using the phone microphone for speech. The audio is now extremely clear and far easier to interpret.



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Smart ideas

The designers at rabbitones burrow have also designed some other nice headphone accessories.A gamers recharging headphone stand allows gamers and bluetooth headphone users to charge their headphones on the headphone stand. It has a twin USB charging socket allowing most accessories simple and easy charging. Depending on the colour chosen the unit glows whilst switched on.


Not wishing to leave out audiophile headphone users, a simple headphone stand is available to store headphones when not in use. These are a classic design that will match most audiophiles taste. 

rabbitone cellphone stand

At the burrow, we saw a awesome cellphone stand, so we had to make one and provide with each product made ! Simplicity is just a very cool way to express such clever design..

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We provide a wide range of quality audio products. Our mission is to provide the best sound experience at the most economical price. Simple solutions helps everyone. If you want to contact us, please fill in the contact form.  Enjoy the rabbitone experience. Please feel free to share your experience. We wish you a good day!

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